I need a Bedwars map thumbnail

I really need a Bedwars map thumbnail

Details, details, details. Theme? Name? We need more.

The name is GimKit Bedwars and just make the Bedwars map thumbnail how you want and if I like it then I will use it

That is not much to go on but ill try.

oh yeah and make in like a sky type area

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@Nature_Boy_Drama16 Handdrawn or slides?
Also, I’ll include four gims, one defending, and the other three attacking. Four teams.

I’d prefer it to not be hand-drawn
Team colors
-Clover (for green)
-Blueprint (for blue)
-Vordon (for purple)
-Red sprinkles (for red)


@Nature_Boy_Drama16 I’ll do these four for this; I don’t have others. Is that okay?

yes but can you please change them to blue, green, red, and purple

I CAN’T!!! I think I’ll just change them to actual colored gims

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you should, look at the fandom they should have pics of all the colors.

just look up pictures of my specific selected gims or just look up the colored gims either is fine with me

here’s a simple one with not much added:

@Nature_Boy_Drama16 Got it I’ll start making it now

I feel really bad for this but umm can you please put a path connecting the two and 2 paths connecting to the other teams off screen then replace the P.M.L with a Quantum Portal

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@Kat_aronii’s is much better than mine, though

Can you replace the blue one with blueprint and the purple one with constellar (sweet galaxy) and make both eyes open and then I will make it my thumbnail and change the font please I can barely read it

i like this one but change the bed colors to different ones, and have like iron bars(seeds) and dimond island in the background.