I made a laser tag map and I was wondering if anyone has ideas to make it better

The map has a couple traps, kill streaks, and purchasable upgrades, so please respond if anyone has ideas to make it better. Thanks!

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1: Look in dungeon.
It has many trap guides.


3: Look in tag-domination and capture-the-flag

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This should help.

It’s basically snowbrawl but you make it look like One way out.

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For the freezing part you can set the Tag Zone’s Respawn When Tagged setting to no and connect the Tag Zone to a Speed Modifier.
Maybe use Evil Eyes/Slingshots as the weapon as they look like they fire lasers.

i came up with these a while ago:

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that’s kinda just for the map tho

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I’m using zappers because I feel that they look most like lasers other than the evil eye and I want less damage to start but thanks!

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Oh wait I forgot, you’d have to incorporate another system for the tag streaks as Tags and Knockouts don’t count as one but the difference is:

Player Tags Another Player > Trigger

(no difference in blockcode but you can configure the channels to your liking.)

Any other mechanics you need help with?

i also made this a while ago (i am very into laser tag, but i probably wont finish this so you can use the ideas with credit to me if you want):


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Anyways, On and Off Lasers Would be nice. Try to add things to Hide behind

That looks like it would be fun to play, so please try to finish it!

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Invite me btw when you finish, email me or through wix

yeah, i know, i was working on it and got a lot of work done with @LxmasHaxTakis, but then he kinda… got ip banned and left… now it just hasn’t been as fun working on it alone

we also made fishtopic infection together

idk if you were on the wixsite when we did that massive event

I arrived during the BSB tournament, so no, sadly.

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yeah, that’s what i thought
gtg now, bye
will be back later

I was thinking more like the amount of kills per team or person, not just points but thanks for this as I might be able to improve off of it!

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The amount of kills per person can be configured as the score in the settings.

Click the settings button in the bottom right. Click ‘Game Settings’ or the top option.
Go to the score tab and set score to knockouts. This might even be the default mode, but I can’t remember.