How to make a laser tag gamemode. difficulty : 🟩

So I saw that a lot of people wanted laser tag and so I will show you how to do it.
First you have to build the map how you want it. I made my background the dark scrapes, then you want to build a wall to contain the players in one location.

Next you want to build some walls and barriers to make a way for players to hide. I like to add the space barriers and the blue plastic as the walls But you can do what you want to do.

Now you can add any props you want (if you want)

Now its time for the devises! First you want to change the players health ( I found that 500 health and 0 shield was best for me but you can do whatever you want for it) Then add an starting inventory and make it a legendary zapper ( to go with the blue theme but you do what you want it to be) Then in all four corners put spawners with the default settings.

Now put a camera zone around the wall so players cant see outside. Now get a barrier and make it with these settings.

Now make it the very top layer to make it all look dark.

And now BOOM laser tag is done. Now all of those things are optional and you can make it however you want.


Nice job!

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Good job, @Imcool !!

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Space barriers? Is that new?

no they were there since the beginning of gkc

No, it’s not.

You made the guide! Nice job btw!


No, if you go to props and search barriers it will show up with the regular barrier and infected barrier

no it was added with the release of GKC.

Really nice job @Imcool!

Nice job!

Nice! This shouldn’t really be called a gamemode though since there isn’t any system that shows how to make laser tag.

Your code is showing. You should remove that by editing the images.

Nice guide!
You could add the second style of the laser to your laser tag map and have everybody get Evil Eyes.

Did you know you can change your name when you host Creative Maps/Official Gamemodes? Just click the “ Me :slight_smile:
button and you can change your name!

Really! I don’t know that! I resorted to cutting my name out which is very frustrating sometimes!

Nice guide!

I was walking around the Void and then i bumped into a laser [1]

  1. that BURNED… ↩︎

Awesome guide and it’s a great gamemode to make for fun!