I love this game and i want to know how to make it

can someone find out how to make this game

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what are the main things that happen?

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maybe you could try to remake it? You’d probably have to get permission from the person who made it tho

Maybe ask the creator if you could create a sequel or something.

Why not try to make something original! It is much more rewarding when you make your own game and see it become popular! :exploding_head:


Wait, why remake it? Just play it.

Go to game and try taking photos and try to recreate the photos or do a video of it

But I am annoyed because My post I had made awhile ago has been flagged and sent to my attention which is definitely not good on my resume going towards Tl3

Wait, how is this on-topic?

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play it on gim discover

i wont publish but i do want to know who created it

If you don’t give us a clear description of what you need help with, we can’t help you. I highly doubt the majority of us will just play a game that you posted to help you.

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i cant post games and i dont want to i just want to find the creator

Wait, so you meant ‘you love this game and you want to know who made it?’

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I think they just want to build off the way it plays out and make something similar. They still plan on making something original, I believe.

If you wanted to make it, you may have to ask the creator if you want to make a game about it.

I’m confused.

You want to know how to make it according to the topic title, and you’re saying you want to know who made that game.

Man what is the first code of the game with the shapes!!

Well if you look in the thumbnail of the game, you can see the player… but the player might’ve been somebody else, you never know…

its in japanese though so uh XD we cant figure out the symbols and it may be there gimkit name not their forum name

yes i do mean that cause i do realy mean that