I have problems

  1. How could I create a choice system? Like i want to create a button and with all the people the most clicked button wins

A choice system? So you want a clicker game? But you would have to have like a counter hooked up to the button stopping on a certain number then triggering whatever you want…

cant do anything about the second one, its also off topic

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not a clicker system but a voter system

Hmmm…well you could do the buttons, wire them to counters, when the counter reaches max votes, wire to what you want to happen next.


so what i want is like lests say four buttons, and after all players have voted it counts the votes and the most voted wins

Well…that’s a bit tricky for me to think up… will each player only be able to vote once?

yes they will

Man I want that penguin now it looks so cool

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You can’t ask for season ticket on here, this is for GKC only. So we can help you on your fist question, but not the second.

but you gotta say though that the penguin is dope though

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I am not saying its not, but off-topic is getting to be a bit big again so I suggest you be more careful on what you post.

Can you please focus on the first topic? @Caternaught pls remove the second problem


remove number 2, that is off topic


Add the buttons. Deactivate after being clicked through channels. Make sure the scope is player.