I have an idea for a save code guide

i am making a save code guide that implements specific parts of the game into it, like name, money amount, level. how could this work?

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I made a guide on this already, so most of it wouldn’t really be new. What specifically are you asking about though?

Are you asking for someone to give you a guide on something so you can make a guide on it? :skull:

for example, you have level one, 1500 money, and your name is powerperson.

nevermind, here in a sec ill show you my idea.

this is the main idea


hows this @Shdwy ?

or we could implement it into a popup?

You should try unpacking that before you go ahead with it.

(try to reverse the program, see if it works)

what does that mean?

Literally exactly what it sounds like. Make the system to put the save code IN, and then come back here.

In general, before you ask for help with something, at least try it yourself. You didn’t really do that here…

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