I have a question for anyone who has played Gimkit for a while. Please help! Trying to make my first map

Hey guys. I’m new here to Gimkit, and had a question. You know how if you spawn a button, let’s say, with the words: The Park, and you want the player to push the button so that it will lead the player to the Park? Well, I don’t know how to do it!
If anyone here knows how to do that, please tell me in the comments!

~A desperate player in need of help.

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Hello. Welcome to the forum, @Princess . There is a teleporter guide that can help you with your situation!


Wire a button to a tp device. Put the tp device in the park. Remember to mark a solution!

Also welcome to the forum.

I mean this might help if you want back and forth: So, for the Button-Based Teleporter you will need :
2 buttons and 2 teleporters

First, put a teleporter down and change the “Target group” to a channel name and the “teleport here when receiving on’s” name. (They must be different)

Then, put another teleporter to wherever you want to teleport to and from. Set the “Target group” and the “teleport here when receiving on’s” names (The “Target group” must be the same as the first teleporter’s) & (The " Teleport here when receiving on" must be different)

Next, you have to place a button above teleporter 1. Then change “when button pressed transmit on” to the same name as Teleporter 2’s “Teleport here when receiving on” .

Then put another button on top of teleporter 2. Then, change it’s “When pressed transmit on” channel name to teleporter 1s " teleport when receiving on"

And there you have it, when you push button 1 you should teleport to teleporter 2 and when you push button 2 you should teleport to teleporter 1.


you can do this easily with wires and buttons, or channels and buttons.
I would reccomend to do what @Crimson_Knight said
also if you want the button to be hidden, go to “all options” in the button and look for the dropdown that makes it hidden

You could also wire a button to a teleporter, @Princess. Then click button pressedteleport player here. Also, welcome to the forum!

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Wow Crimson_Knight! You have been so helpful to me! I am prepping a new map for Gimkit so please keep watch! I would love to hit 100 plays in 24 hours if possible, so keep a look out for a a new map called: The Hidden Passages. Thanks y’all for your help!



I hope you do good on your first game

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Please Mark a solution if you have one
btw welcome to the forums @Princess

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Welcome to the forms @Princess all you need to do is go to devices and type in button, then wire that button to a teleporter.

Just so this doesn’t create clutter, please mark a solution if you problem is solved.
PS. Welcome to the forums :smile:

I will check out your map

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Well, what you need is a teleporter and a button. Place one teleporter, at The Park. Set the teleporter to not be visible in the game so it doesn’t look weird. Next, get a wire and connect the button and teleporter. (Also, give the button a name btw.) Select “button pressed” on the left, and “teleport player here” on the right. Now, when you press the button, (I like setting hold time to around 3 seconds) it will teleport you directly to The Park. (where the teleporter is.) Welcome to the forums @Princess!

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