I have a map but I dunno what to put in it, any ideas?

yea, its extremely simple

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DOne thanks ya’ll

@Badkara. what do you like

I like making cities!

Make a mario cart gimkit map and make the players the cars and the power ups 1 mag of a random weapon.

We all love to make things, its Gimkit!

that’s cool! but how do I make a car so the characters look like they are driving?

or like something that can follow you

You can make a teleporter teleport you in to were a windo is and remove the window and makethe barriers above the player, it should make it to were it looks like they are driving.

I don’t even know how to do that :expressionless:

Um, I can see if I can make a guide on it tomorrow for you.

ok thanks

No problem, I will ping you in it to let you know when I finish.


you can do a snowbrawl map or any other battle map. It is quick and easy.

Have crates with loot that sometimes make a sentry appear and shoot the player!

(he @Badkarma, when you’re done, remember to mark a solution!)

Use a barrier and make black then add buttons to tern of the barrier off. Now you got a hall lite

All of those are very good so ima try and combine it!

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