I have a map but I dunno what to put in it, any ideas?

Anyone got some good ideas?

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What is your map about?

it’s like about fighting, but I wnt to put decoration or structures that make it look beter

I can’t spell :rofl:

Maybe think of a setting you want it to take place. Are you fighting in a jungle? A planet? In a volcano?


you should make multiple areas with very different themes instead of one constant setting

That is so smart!! I never thought about that!!

Use a lot of plants to give it a crowded and wild look, like the vines from one way out.

yeaaaaaa, and maybe some trees and stuff

you could make an abandoned lab with the props from one way out, they fit very well

and I could make 4 halfs to split different biomes together

Maybe you can make that a side quest where you have to figure out the code to get in a lab, then you get rewarded for it

yaa like one of those infected lab places

you should put some secrets around the map that could give better weapons or easter eggs

Also, figure out a plot. You can start with, why are they fighting?

Ohhh yaeah then
I can make the game more than just fighting if you don’t wanna do that

Have a secret speed 4 upgrade.

I could add that to a specific place so people can move faster in there YEahhh