I have a few questions!

  1. How do I make the item granter visible?

  2. How do I make it so that when a player goes thru water it slows them down?

  3. Any more ideas for the map I’m working on? (Hunger Games)

(More questions soon!)


  1. You can’t
  2. Zone and speed modifier
  3. Search ‘hunger games’

Here is an idea:
Make it a very vast and large map

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I can’t say much more than what @Cellofive said.

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You can’t make the item granter visible… Can you? wait… nope
Screenshot 2024-02-20 1.07.48 PM

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That is what I just said…

@leo_flowers not to be rude, but i would recomend that you stick with one pfp that you like, it will help people know that it is you.

Here is a guide for hunger games:

Its the thought that counts i guess.

@WolfTechnology sorry it hard to decide :thinking: But, I can’t fit the one that I want, so… oops. :frowning:

your good, i was just saying it gets confusing , a pfp shows a bit of the identity of a user, so you want something that repesents you. try a Ai generator it may help.

Okay… I can see if that helps :slight_smile: one second.

Bro don’t tell people what their pfp should be. Also, have you seen gimsolver?

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They weren’t telling me what it should be, they were telling me that I should pick one, and stick with it.

Im not telling him what it should be, just to stick with one, he has had 3 just today. And yes I saw gimsolver this morning at around 10pm CST.

To make a authentic Hunger game, you want to have a cornucopia, and have people spawn around cornucopia. Also, add landmines that deactivate after the 60 sec countdown is over. oh, also make it so that if you don’t have water for a certaint period of time, you will die

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I’m going to keep it like this from now on. And, for slowing down through the water, you can use this:

Use the speed modifier and zone.

You also need the part when they exit the zone to reset the speed.

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Then… just put two zones and modifiers, and make it where on is in front of the other. It can make you slow, and then normal again.

yeah, because when you come out of the water, you should be faster again

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