I gotta question with the balls

Yeah @MachineFun , WDYM @GimSolver ?

Please don’t say stuff like that. I’m sure I know what you’re implying, and it’s definitely something that should not be said here.


in death ball, don’t players lose ALL their health when their hit? Just going off memory since I’m mildly good at it.

No thats only in Blade Ball in death ball the ball has to hit you three times

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Oh yeah. That’s the knock off version of blade ball.

I guess you could use a property to have IT track the ball’s position, then when said player is hit, it broadcasts on a channel that makes you take damage. :confused: But you would need to know block code. To a VERY high level.

yeah i like death ball better just because i thought it might be easier to make ( and the simplicity of the card packs)

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I’ve seen people trying to recreate Blade ball, like this one. To put it short it is possible but incredibly hard. It might be possible and it might not.

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I can do the Block code. I’m pretty experienced

good. that was just an idea, so it might not work.

Block code would not be useful in this situation, As there would have to be a remove player health block or player location block.

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You would probably have to use property’s to track location.

I honestly wish I knew block code more, so that I could help, or really just all of the devices in general, but I’m still kinda new to it.

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That would also kinda be irreverent, Yuu can track movement using a movement meter though.

You can use a cordinate system and use block code with that, you can make a cordinate system for the ball too, with capure zones, and use block code to check if the cordinates are the same, if they are, send out “Player hit” as a channel, make that decrease a property, if the property is zero, they are out.

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Very True

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Soooooooo…does anyone have a possible solutions?

Does this not work?

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Can balls trigger triggers? (Sorry, I have never worked with a ball)

Idea: Use zones and capture zones in a grid-like formation. Each zone updates a property that represents where you are. Ball capture zones should relay a check to see if the property equals the location of each capture zone, and if so, kills the player.

In theory, this should work (theory doesn’t account for memory, lag, and limits).