I gotta question with the balls

I am Making a death ball map ( not called ''death ball") and i have NO idea how to make it so that the ball makes the player lose health pls help sorry for all the scribbles (i didn’t know whsat to cut out)

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they should add a player model thing where if it hits the player it’s attached to something happens.
ex: making the player take damage when hit by the ball, making the player take knockback, etc

You could do something where there are like a row of goals and if you are standing in the one that the ball goes into, you take damage

Hmm… I am not so sure. So, you want the player to touch the ball then the player will be losing health??

yeah when the ball touchs the play they lose health

Hmm… Maybe use a laser! When the player touches the ball, they lose health. The laser can be edited to show how much the power will be shocked to the player when made.

How would I do that??? :thinking:

You’d have to get the laser to follow the ball.


Get lasers from the device panel and you can set it to how much damage the laser can cause to the player when touched.

Have multiple ball capture zone(s) with respawn turned off make it when the ball is captured it turns on a laser


Which you couldn’t.


Yes, true ture @WhereIsMyHat !

I was just thinking of some ways that @MONKE could do it.

What if you had like, a grid of ball capture zones that if you were standing in it a command would run and you would take damage???

This isn’t very possible, as you can’t track where the ball is (besides waypoints).

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@MachineFun , that’s actually a good idea!!

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then wouldn’t you just take damage regardless if you’re near the ball or not?

Yes @GimSolver ! Though, the waypoint doesn’t take damage, right?

@GimSolver You would use the ball capture zones to detect the ball and maybe regular zones to detect the player???