I do not know how to make a campfire

Please give me something campfire is not in the game yet.

Try this guide:

Place two wooden logs diagonally (one is flipped) and a fire emoji from a textbox in the middle.
Look at @EggNoodle’s profile, that might help.

How do you get a fire emoji do you need gimbucks because if you do I cannot cuz I have none

Your thing does not work

:fire: Paste it into a textbox


How do you do that? I have only been playing for a couple months

Paste this into a textbox device with diagonal logs.

Final Product:

Alternate Campfire by EggNoodle: (khangvn29)

I know how to copy and paste but I do not know how to paste something into the text box

Copy the emoji from the link I sent you earlier and once you are in the textbox, hold Ctrl + V (together)

Okay thanks for the help.

Don’t forget to mark a solution if it worked :slight_smile:!

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