I can't think of map ideas!

Uhh… hi. I’m new to the forum and this is my first post so… yeah. Haha, this sounds so awkward :). Does anybody have ideas for a new map? I’ve already done Among Us, Hunger Games, and Candyland. Thanks, everyone!

Make a dungeon crawler! (this doesn’t seem very urgent) Also, welcome @I_Like_Props! Read the new-user-must-read!

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Thanks! Also I’ll change the title, you’re right, it’s not that urgent.

More ideas!

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I’m not going to mark any solutions yet, only because I really want to try and get as many ideas as possible. Thanks for the suggestions, though!

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Welcome to the forum, @I_Like_Props! I’ll try my best:

  • Dungeon Crawler
  • Open world
  • Tycoon/economy
  • GTA/City
  • Remake of a board game
  • RP school
  • RP war (I, II, etc.)
  • Platformer (challenge)
  • 4-Way capture the flag
  • Hide and seek with weapons
  • Capture the flag x PvP
  • Among us
  • Bedwars
  • Tag with weapons
  • Clicker game
  • A coding tutorial
  • An improved version of a mechanic
  • RP prison
  • Trapped in time
  • Lifesteal
  • RP trapped on an island
  • Different planet life

Just rambling off some random ideas.


Wow. There are so many ideas on this list and they all sound so cool! Definitely trying some of these. Thanks!

Here’s another list of game ideas:

Welcome to the forum, @I_Like_Props !! Try using these guides:

Edit, 13 hrs later: yes, @Haiasi , I know. We posted at the same time. I realize i accidently linked the wrong post

Thank you so much! Super helpful!

Thank you! I’m so grateful for all these replies already!

1: @cs3112583 already posted that
2: You linked the wrong post

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Welcome to the forum! You should check guides with the ideas tag. Also, this guide is very helpful. I hope you feel welcome here! :]

welcome to the forums, @I_Like_Props!

check out this very epic guide:

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Thanks so much! Everyone has been so helpful!


Thank you! I really like this forum thing. It’s so helpful!


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