I can't See my game in Discovery!

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Welcome to the for ems 101MathMagic, make sure to read the FAQ and TOS, be nice, don’t break rules, and, and- and… uhhhh, what do I put here guys???

Anyways, you search by description, not by title.

I know this is kinda off topic but if you want people to play your map and they can see it but it is not in new releases how can you get more people to play

I can’t see any of my games either, and I have published them over and over :frowning:

make a very unique name include the word plasma the only other map with that name is mine and how can I get more plays

just put your thing as



womp womp lil homie.

Oh! Check on your map, click publish, and see if it’s still published

Mine only works by name as in my name is anyperson, and if I search my map, it doesn’t pop up. So I search my name, and it pops up.

it is I was asking on how to get more plays

1.Good thumbnail
2.A game name and description that draws in players
3.A map where people will consider replaying

thanks but how can I get people to see it when it is not in new releases

Put words in your description that people can search up.

when I do like fun I cannot find it the word plasma has been the only thing that has worked so far

It might not work because tbh discovery search is rigged; try something unique.

Try putting in a unique, uncommon, easy to spell word in the desc.
That way, people can search up that word to pull up the game.

ex. RedApple

Maybe I should’ve posted this sooner:


I was talking about the original post.

issue resolved it is now called apples something impossible pls play and tell friends

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