I can't See my game in Discovery!

I can’t see my game in DISCOVERY!! Does anyone know why???

Put the name in the description

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Search up the description

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Search your game by description, not game title. Gimkit’s search engine kinda sucks.


I did! It doesn’t show up!

One of my games just doesn’t publish for some reason. It could be that, too.

What’s your game description/title? I can try.

I’ll try what EggNoodle Said and see!

My title is Escape The SPACESHIP!!!

Well bye guys, I have to go!!

I tried doing that once and it didn’t work :frowning:

sometimes you can’t search it up the best at is to re publish it if you can and look at the new publish category.

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FYI: You can go in your GKC map, go to Settings > Publishing and see your map link.

You can do that?

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some reason i cant also see the game I worked on the discovery page…

I’ve tried that already!!

Then it most likely was taken down by breaking the rules of publishing.


What do I do when I see the map link???

Paste it into your browser.

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