I am trying to make a tag map and I need a button that only the tagger team can use

I need help I don’t understand this

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button as in overlay or actual button device?

The game starts
Random player is chosen to be seeker/tagger on team 2
other players are on team 1
I am trying to make a button to close doors. but only for team 2 to use. I can’t figure this out

cant u make the button in availibility to team instead of global

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I have tried to use relays, life cycles, triggers, overlays.

I tried that but it did not work

I want it to be an overlay

I want it to work kind of like the among us sabotage button thing

Use psuedo teams! Give everybody on team 2 an item. Have a lifecycle trigger a relay, which triggers a checker. Have the checker check if you have the item. If so, activate the game overlay!

You would have to have the zone by the door to trigger a relay for specific team which would activate the overlay and the overlay can close/open doors

Ok I will try this, I hope this works

Yay It worked thank you guys, I have no clue when it comes to coding so thank you

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just note u need to add a new zone, relay, and overlay :smiley:

Yea, I kinda figured that out by experimenting/guessing what to do

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Wait, why? Psuedo teaming doesn’t need that.

Yes, but the players in team 2 start in a different area than players in team 1 so it was easier to make the zone connect to the relay/button/overlay system

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also for pseudo teams how would he get the overlay to choose which door to activate/deactivate?

agreed, it is just easier to be able to control all the doors

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That is what psuedo teaming did. The game overlay does the same thing both times, but it used psuedo teaming to activate the game overlay for team 2 only in my method.