The Ultimate Guide To Tag!

This is a guide with many types of tag. Hope you enjoy!

Freeze Tag:
So, in freeze tag, you have one person or team try to tag the other team. If they get tagged, they are frozen.
1 Tag Zone
1 Speed Modifier
1 Lifecycle
1 Relay
1 Team Switcher
1 Property
1 Counter
1 Trigger
1 End Game

  1. Put the lifecycle, and set it to Game Start.
  2. Get a relay. Set it up to Random Person.
  3. Wire it like this: Event Occurs → Trigger Relay.
  4. Wire the relay to a Team Switcher That switches you to a Different Team.
  5. Get a Tag Zone, and tagging team to the team on the team switcher.
  6. Get a speed modifier, and set it to 0.00
  7. Wire the tag zone to the team modifier like this: Player gets tagged by another player → Set player to configured speed.
  8. Get a counter. Go to Target settings. The target number that the counter is trying to reach must be 1 less than the amount of players.
  9. Get the end game device. Wire the counter to the end game device like this: Target value reached → End the game.
  10. Get a property. Name it Tagged or whatever you want it. It needs to be a player-scoped true or false property. The default value should be false.
  11. Get a trigger, set it up so it is not visible and can’t be triggered by a player stepping over it. Also, wire the tag zone to the trigger like this: When player gets tagged → trigger.
  12. Go to blocks for the trigger, and make a block. The code should look like this:
    Screenshot 2023-12-29 12.27.10 PM
    And that’s it for freeze tag!

Knockout Tag:
In knockout tag, one person has a weapon. If he/she knocks someone out, they are given a weapon. If you get to close to them though, they can tag you!
1 Tag Zone
1 Relay
1 Item Granter
1 Lifecycle
1 Knockout Manager
1 Team Switcher

  1. Put a lifecycle that is set to game start.
  2. Get a relay. Set it to random player.
  3. Wire the lifecycle to the relay like this: Event occurs → Trigger relay
  4. Get an item granter. Set it to any weapon you want, and 1 of the item.
  5. Wire the relay to the item granter like this: Relay trigger → Grant item
  6. Get a knockout manager. Set the knockout target to player.
  7. Wire the KO Manager to the item granter like this: Target knocked out → Grant item
  8. Put down a team switcher. Wire the relay to the team switcher like this: Relay trigger → Switch player to configured team… Make sure the team that the person is being switched to is a different team than the other players.
  9. Wire the KO Manager to the team switcher like this: Target knocked out → Switch player to configured team.
  10. WIP

Just a note, you only have a day to finish this as a tl1 user.

Nice guide! You should probably put each tag type under a dropdown. You click on the gear icon and then use the hide details option.

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What type of tag should be next?

  • Hide And Seek Tag
  • Knockout Tag
  • Laser Tag
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