I am trying to make a prison escape game

You spawn in prison yard and you can press guard button to become guard and inmate button to become inmate, there is a guard room where only guards can go through the doors and in the control room there are the options to close cell doors and open cell doors, at a spot in the outer wall of the prison there is the option to breach the wall with 3 different 5 second buttons. Will anybody give me some ideas on what to add or go into a lobby with me to help me out with it?

Okay, first, no codes on the forums. You should probably add a How to Play section, because it usually isn’t obvious how you play.

oh sorry about that im new here

It’s fine! All of us were new at some point! Do you have any specific device systems you need help with?

Would it be possible to make it where there are barriers on every block and where if you click on them it shows the prop to act as building?

That would require a button and a barrier/prop on every square you want to build on. I could work, but it would be tedious.

I feel if multiple people worked on it it wouldn’t be too terrible but i feel it would take up a lot of memory but it would add a cool twist to a pvp game

It would take up a large part of your memory. Have you thought about only putting it into one area?

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If you do make that, make sure to do that when you’re finished with the map and leave a lot of memory so the barriers aren’t in the way when making the map.

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Yeah I was thinking maybe a box fight type style where all players are in a room and they can build to block bullets, would you try to explain how i would make this work

Buildable Barriers? (Prop or Device, your choice but make sure to set collision on)