I am stuck on using this guide. I need help please

I have been going at making a save file for an hour and a half, and yet I still cannot get it. All I need to know is the basics. For example, what you need, the SIMPLIFIED steps, and not the way Shdwy did it, because I still can’t understand that. (no offense, Shdwy). I understood some of it, by I don’t understand most of it. Please help me. Here is the guide:

The concept of this is pretty simple at it’s core: Give a user some data they can input later to skip to where they are in the game. For example:

A user plays a tycoon game and ends up having to stop playing to get on the bus. So, they click the save, and the game tells them how much cash they have. In this simple example, their amount of cash is the save code.

Later, when they get off the bus, they enter their save code, in this case, how much cash they had, and the game then grants them that amount to get the player back to where they were when they left off.

Make sense?

I meant like how to make the thing…

So what exactly are you stuck on?

Since the begginning. I thought I had it, until the last step and I’m back to square 1.

I don’t really have time to debug this or explain this further… I would recommend you start simple, with a single piece of data, and then try to save more and more data into one save code.


I alright. I’m going to mark solution I guess.

Don’t- I haven’t done anything to earn it haha, besides, someone else might come along and be able to help. @Shdwy?

I gtg. I’ll be on tomorrow.

Hold up, I need to save the characters level and the amount of eliminations. How would I do that?

I used this guide for the levels:

I just used a counter and a knockout manager for the eliminations.

Ok, let me summarize the process into the four steps listed in the guide.

Gathering data:
Store some data in properties, based on whatever you want in your game. Money, kills, whatever works.

Storing data:
Convert the properties to text, then combine them with everyone’s favorite new blocks. (make sure to add a separation character!) Send this to the player.

Receiving data:
Have some sort of intake mechanism that allows the player to input a number. Store this in a property (or multiple, depending on the save string length)

Run certain actions depending on certain parts of the property. If the player has x money in the save, set the property to that part of the save file. If the player has so many gray fish, give them the number of fish equal to the number in the file.

It’s a surprisingly simple concept once you get down to it.

Try making it, then let me know if you’re still stuck.

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At the very core (at least as I understand it) you need at least one property and one trigger for every one of your channels. Make it so that every time a channel is broadcast on, it adds one to the corresponding property for that channel. Then, you have a way to display the values of each property for the user. Finally, at the beginning of the game allow the user to imput the values of each property and make it so that the value of the property is how many times you broadcast on that channel.