I am making a "Red vs Blue" gimkit+fn map, we would like some ideas for medalions, weapons, E.T.C. Could you give me some insight?

If you have anything to add please do

Welcome to the forums @gimthekit .You could give a certain player an item, and when they kill the person with the item, it drops and then they can pick it up, and make the score, number of items, and put it to where the thing counts the item you are using as a medalion.

he mostly has a medalion system down, but help is super appreciated

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thanks! very helpful

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Weapon related guides:

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Thanks! much appreciated

Can you move your question down to the main part of the post? It would bmake it easier to read.

sure, i just joined the forums so i’m not very good at this stuff

Your good. And welcome to the community! I would suggest that your read the FAQ and TOS just to get a bit of info on what to do around here.

OK! I will get to reading :grinning:

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Maybe add some power ups that the players can buy…

Here is a guide you can use for that.

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:slight_smile: i was called by the source of wolven avian :slight_smile:

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thanks! we are doing that right now

Welcome, Welcome, welcome to the show! Here is a welcome everyone should know

Welcome to the forums @gimthekit

Don’t forget to check out the Forum beginners and forum-tips tag.

The Community Made Guides category is also very useful, posts there give you a gist of the rules and mechanics in Gimkit Creative.

While you’re at it, I suggest also reading the TOS and FAQ.

If you need help with anything, just ask! After all, this is a Community Forum :slight_smile:

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Add Explosives Like Bomb And TNT