Hunter's sense ability

im thinking about adding an ability where the seeker (hunter) can use something called “Hunter’s sense” where an arrow or smth points to the hiders (prey)or where they were when the ability was used, but I have no idea where to start. Any ideas?

How to put a waypoint on every player in the game!

do this and show it for the hunter


And then make it turn off after a few seconds so its not too op

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my thoughts exactly, but i cant get this darn thing to work

Follow the guide @CassiusDoomlorde sent but make it trigger from an overlay clicked when the ability is used instead of a lifecycle and have the relay set to every other player. Make a trigger with a delay of how long you want it to run that activate also activates when the overlay is clicked. Make all the waypoints deactivate on a specific channel. Have the delayed trigger activate a relay again to all other players that broadcasts on the deactivating channel for the waypoints.

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What he said Do what he said

guy im going to do what @CassiusDoomlorde said ok guys chill lol

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