How would you guys make a draw brige and an entrance to a midevil castle?

like with an arch and everything but you can only see the arch and draw bridge and still look 3d with a shadow and everything and a camera thing so they can see it how do i do this??

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Sorry, can’t check Gimkit Creative right now.
It’s really late in EST which is where most people in the forum live so you might have to wait a bit.

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hmmmmmmmm well ok :frowning:

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@Chumbucket These tutorials might help :arrow_down:

And this pic might help from Wolf Technology :arrow_down:

Any questions just ask! I know how these work so I can help!


Do you want the drawbridge to “fall” down so the player can walk over it?

Use barriers that u can walk thru for the shadows. Just make the entrance, then when you “walk in” you hit a teleporter that teleports you inside the castle. Then you build a interior to the castle.

What are you planning on making?? A rival castle? Hmmmmm…
-friend on enemy team

You would have a bunch of props without player collision be on the layer below the player and have a mechanism that the the bridge’s props are shown when its down and not shown when its up. There would also be a barrier that activates when the bridge is down so the player can’t cross it.