How would you create an hp burn effect that burns both sentries and players?

so what im saying is can you create like a non instant kill poison/burn like mechanic that effects both sentries and players and continues for a certain amount of time? draining health and all that

you could use lasers turning on and off fast for the player or damage to pseudo health

for the sentry, you could activate and deactivate them at certain times using blockcode

hmm but wouldnt that do that to all the player and sentries i need it to be player scoped so each take a random amount of damage ranging from like idk 5-10 damage per 3 secs but good idea anyways!

You could use this tutorial: Here and modify it to your needs

I’ve done mine with pseudo-health, i think it works pretty well but idk how it would work for sentries.

so pseudo health seems to be the solution so i´ll mark it tried it didnt work as well as intended but still useful

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