How would u guys make this?

ok so i was wondering how would u guys make a mini challenge

What do you want it to be about?

Yes, it depends on what you want.

What do you want it to be?

i was thnking like a mini challenge to those of u who have played donkey kong something kinda like that and went u kill enemy they drop bananas so just like a mini challenge and then once that’s over the barrier opens to let them on to the next area

please respond i need ideas :slight_smile:

There are currently no guides for Donkey Kong, but you can use jump physics and moving objects and such.
There is a related post however:

You can have a boss sentry that shoots down at the player with a Quantinum Portal (for low speed). Try checking out these guides:

And this for the jumping mechanic:

That’s the wrong Donkey Kong. You could kinda make an arcade-style game, a separate area that has its own rules, mechanisms of play, ways to win, that turns on or off when entering or exiting a zone. The hard part is keeping track of everything.

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