How would u guys make a medieval castle

ok so i need a midevil castle once u got it plz send screen shot of it :slight_smile:


Isn’t this your 4th topic about the same thing?


um no 1 was about walls 1 wasa about towers and the last one never got answered :frowning:


what do u need help with?

a midevil casle thought that was ovious

lol ok sure

Medieval btw. For the walls use dark scrap terrain.

But you can’t post codes in this.

ya but i kinda want it lokking 3d :slight_smile:

I have a post for that:

mark as solution if that helps.

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ok ok fine maybe i try it

that guide is SOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo confusing

It isn’t supposed to be for 3d walls. It is supposed to be for tilting barriers, no idea why it was recommended l.

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that ddoes look 3d thouigh and it could work want to do it??

The example I showed was 3d, but it isn’t necessarily supposed to be for 3d stuff.

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well u could try it i could send u a code on the wix or u could send a screen shot of it from your gimkit



use barriers to make the walls and wooden poles as the gate.

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@Chumbucket wants too be able to walk on the upper wall areas

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then set the barrier to inacive but viable.

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