How would I make "Walk to school in OHIO"

A checker and item granter would ironically be cheaper than a vending machine.

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oh yeah… but funding, stock, icons, etc if it’s supposed to be visible

Funding and stock probably wouldn’t be necessary. Icons are just a matter of personal preference though.

on an unrelated note, do you know a Marco Forster?

stock if you want the players to think, “should i really do this?”

funding for, well… how do i explain it…

no, i don’t know a marco forster

I have no clue how you would explain funding. :skull:

For the purpose of not getting "let’s get back on topic"d, you could add checkpoints with a checkpoint button, the popup can just be hooked to an item granter, animations can easily be done with wire repeaters, and the save file… well… you know where to go :slight_smile:

dang i thought i was on to something there

I might use a zone. Also, I think we forgot about credits and instructions.

How would that work?

or maybe gain 2 green fish every step

Use zone for deaths, use notifications for death messages, use vending machines for stage skips. and uses checkpoints for checkpoints :exploding_head:, and use looping text for animation.

How could I make it 3D?

fake it
like make an illusion
you can’t rotate your camera like roblox
if you can do that in roblox idk(lol) i don’t play that


A like for you! I migh as well not do it.

it would be cool if we had 3d gimkit
they should add that

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Another like for you.

How should I mark the solution? Can someone make level ideas from 1-20? Preferably using the The Ultimate Guide to Traps, Tricks, Pranks, and Trolls [LENGTH WARNING :smiling_imp: ]

Levels 1-6, house. use a sentry and a zone to make the two people in the house that knock you out if you touch them, use a animation and a zone for the swinging obsticals, levels 7-12, gas station, use animations to make cars, use zone to make cars knock you out, levels 8-19, road to school, (i’ve never gotten here before, so use the last few tips for this level) Level 20, SCHOOL, hardest level, (made up level, it’s not in the real game I think)

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You should make a game overlay to tp the player to a mini game that lets them earn gim-berries. Something that has no ‘goal’, but rather is a reward-farming game , like fishing or clicking a button.

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Hey Guys! I have been suspended, so tag me at this account! And I love all your ideas! Thank you!

I have no idea why :smile:

Oh dang, you must’ve gotten flagged a lot. Did you see my idea?

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