How would I make "Walk to school in OHIO"

Ok, I will use channels, but the trigger clock is confusing the way @NavyCatZ explained it in the topic you shared.

can somebody test this theory in GKC

Basically, I have a lot of counters, for each part of the animation, and I have the prop at each of the animations, but I have a wire repeater, and relays and zones for each of the counters.
There will be a zone, so when you enter a certain zone, it triggers the counter to increment. And there are 3 - 5 wires:

  1. Relay (When counter reached target value → (whatever it is to send relays)) [1 sec delay]
  2. Props (When counter reached target value → show prop) (when counter reached target value → hide prop)
  3. Zones (when counter reached target value → activate zone) (when counter reached target value, deactivate zone)

I forgot to add, the relay sends increment counter to the next counter in line.

this is an animation theory.

If you want someone to test it, you should create a topic in the Help category. There are always plenty of people willing to be of service over there, however, I will have to flag this post for not being on the topic of the current conversation.

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Bruh you don’t need all that. All you need is a trigger clock/loop which is a lot simpler, cleaner, and more effective than whatever your version is.

You’re gonna need a lot of lasers… :sweat_smile: :saluting_face:

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Not true, because I am asking help for the animation part of the game.

And that is in this: but only @eiqcrmeliutgwhc responded, with a it looks like it works.
Animation help - idea

I dont think I ever actually flagged it, I just forgot to delete the post.

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Can any body figure out the animation above?

due to u using an alt and it being against the rules and i actually don’t really know if it actually against the rules because u requested it and idk if it against the rules or not if it really was i guess u woulda been banned by now.

quick question how much memory would u be using when u are finished or how much u used right now?

Bro ABCDalt has permission. His account got banned for some reason and the mods are fine keeping with him keeping his alt account.

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to @Theaxolotl

hey if u might not understand or read it i said

i not saying that what he doing right now is wrong! if i did and it actually turn out he was he woulda been banned i just answering his question or adressing it just in case nobody did yet! also i said this in my own words and what got me to say this is when u said

when i also said he requested it i don’t understand why u telling me this.

i also have something else to ask how are u gonna make all these death animation work? or animations work?

and two rights don’t equal a left.


i know how!

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Still need help. Can anyone help me figure out the trigger clock or animation?

scratches head isn’t that technically necroposting?
Tell me if I’m wrong

necroposting is responding to a post from a while back

To post to a long inactive discussion thread

Correct, but i still need help
it is unresolved

well, you wernt repling and you stil need help so I wouldn’t call it necroposting. i would say necrop is this:

June 21, 2010: (jeffo) I like apples

June 21, 2010: (Bob) Ok?

April 1, 2050: (Dave) I also like apples!