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Hi guys! Could I have like a set of counters, that increments from 0 to 1 and then when target value reached, wire the another counter so on and so on, and then also when target value reached, 2 wires between activating and deactivating?

  1. if i heard correctly, it’s:
    target value reached > increment counter or something
  2. game-mechanics is unused
  3. why do you have an alt. alts get banned
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Basically, I have a lot of counters, for each part of the animation, and I have the prop at each of the animations, but I have a wire repeater, and relays and zones for each of the counters.
There will be a zone, so when you enter a certain zone, it triggers the counter to increment. And there are 3 - 5 wires:

  1. Relay (When counter reached target value → (whatever it is to send relays)) [1 sec delay]
  2. Props (When counter reached target value → show prop) (when counter reached target value → hide prop)
  3. Zones (when counter reached target value → activate zone) (when counter reached target value, deactivate zone)

Would it work?

I have been on my alt, talked to the mods, and still nothing happened.

i can’t get on gkc right now but it looks like it might work

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Thanks, eiqy!

…you’re welcOmE

Can i call you eekcrimelieutenant?

sure, but imma stop replying because this is solved and off-topic

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