How would i make a overlay button that you can press and your location is shared with the whole game?

I have an overlay button set up, but it refuses to share location.

I need it to turn off after 10 seconds.

Im trying to make a feature where you can call for help in my game.

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Use channels to connect to a waypoint.

To make it turn off after 10 seconds, try a delay device.

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Deleted by me (I forgot about a waypoint setting rip…)
California_Love is correct.

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You can waypoint every player in the game. Just make it so when the game overlay is pressed, it activates all of the waypoints…


Yeah, what @California_Love said should work, @Bookwyrm703. If not, tell me and I’ll try to figure out something that’ll work.

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well what i can think of is that you would just have to have waypoints for every player, so like a limit and then have then activate from players with a certain item or team. That being triggered by a button, but 'im not exactly sure what you use channels or wires.

Hm. The button part is the problem, I guess. Unless it isn’t going to be done manually…

to have it done not maunally you would nee to have a starting function, though what would it be?

Well, I’m beat on that one. The game overlay is clicked and it activates an individual player’s location using a waypoint. The player would have to stand somewhere with a waypoint linked to it. (Trigger or button). It seems like the best way to do it…

Game overlay → waypoint should work.




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