How to use the scoreboard to keep track of time

I’ve having lots of trouble with this. I want to make a multiplayer game where people race against one another to get the lowest time. After you reach the finish line, your time score stops recording, while the time of other players who have not yet completed the race are still going. How do you accomplish this? Can you?

What does that link do?

sends you to a guide on an old platform

I’m sorry but it doesn’t? Could you resend?

Oh right! It was reported for no reason.

Do you have any suggestions to my question then? Sorry to pry

Um… I could try. Give me a day or so, but don’t hold your breath on a good answer.

In the meantime, this might help.

on the score, set it to time, so it finishes when someone completes the game. then set it so the options are set to only the player who just finshed, the game ends, and everyone else is still finishing.
that should work to the question ‘‘How to use the scoreboard to keep track of time’’
fingers crossed it does, cos maybe im talking rubbish :crossed_fingers: