How to use the new crafting table device?

So, in case if you haven’t heard, a new crafting table device was added. But, I can’t seem to get it to work? How do you make it work?

you have to use the crafting recipe device thing and connect them by a wire

there is another device called a crafting table recipe
this device stores what you can craft
one device for each recipe

You have to add the device “crafting table recipe”
Wait, sorry foxy I didn’t see you said that already.

Good guide.


zap_bolt mark Foxy’s reply as a solution. She was the one who said it first.
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Okay, I’ll get rid of it! Thanks getrithekd!

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its pretty much just the farmchain mechanic for placing seeds

Hey guys, sry I didn’t respond, I had no clue the crafting table device existed, I thought it was just the crafting recipe device was available. Sry I’m just not smart

well read what we said then

Ya I didn’t have time to look at the posts until now that’s why

Okay did you read them?

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