How to use NPC on my RPG map

Well, this is pretty basic for a help topic, but I spent a while an NPC but I haven’t found a practical purpose for it so far, so here it is:

Like an oracle or a forest spirit located in my RPG
So it needs to serve a purpose, like a merchant. The emoji is a crystal ball, and I used some snow props to form the hood. The wires and sparkles are to create animation, pretty much irrelevant. By the way, the guide I used to create it with was How To Make Basic Animation! - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative in case that provides any ideas for this guide or any others.

Random buff/debuff or the final bosses weakness?

That could work, maybe like some sort of old character who was there when “Random placeholder catastrophe” began, And tell you:
A.) Lore
B.) Weaknesses

Maybe they can give you tips on how to get more cash, maybe show you a secret area that is great for grinding

Maybe just combine them all into one big idea, like with How to Create Conversations in Your Gimkit Map | TUTORIAL | Difficulty::yellow_square: - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

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you just told yourself what to do and marked the solution. Im in deep confusion

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