How to: Turn Sentry into Gim | Difficulty 0/10

alright then Let me put that on my rule list

Gimpossible At this moment unless…

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I lost Gimemon to people being off topic so please do not make my 2nd most popular guide be my second unlisted guide!

Wow My first ever post was pretty much this and look at me figuring out my solution just look at how much I changed =)

Be able to add your skins to a Sentry

My first ever question I ever asked

And now look at me

now half your posts are just bumping your own guides

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well fine thats one thing but still i have changed a lot

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Hi, I’m the person that made Deep Dive. The game actually uses a similar build to this guide. For the Gim NPCs, I use a sentry as a base, color it black with black ceramic plates, then color and shade it with colored text using the ⬬ unicode. I use a color drop tool to get colors accurate to default gims.

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I use sentrys then align the pieces and if I want it without the sentries I do the same thing by aligning it

And arent you advertising?

@Gaming please don’t advertise your games here

And @Gimkitsuggestor please stop bumping your own guides
bumping is meant to bring old forgotten guides to the top of the list to help other people
this guide is not forgotten and it’s just a bad look to be bumping any least of all your own guide like that
please stop bumping your guides just because you can


I will stop foxy I have told myself to stop before you said that

You should check who I was replying to, I was clearing a misconception about the way I was able to make a NPC Gim in the mentioned game.

mentioning the game is considered advertising

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Yeah we get what you were doing but its still advertising

Does that only apply to replies?

No to posts and replies you cannot advertise anywhere on this forum

well, you can in your bio.

yes @GimSolver is correct just do not post your game anywhere except your bio

You can only include a like and saying pl@ymy game, but no where else on the forum.

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