How to turn off collision for buttons

turn of collision for buttons it is for a box fights i am tryinf to build a fence for a wall and i keep running into the buttons


How can you turn off the collision for buttons?
Isn’t that only for props?
I’ve never heard of that. Maybe I haven’t seen.
I don’t think it’s possible.

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I don’t think you can if there isn’t a setting in the button itself. Use a zone that activates an overlay instead.


You can’t turn off collision on buttons. Only props.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t an option. sorry!


@Mario Barriers is a device and you can turn off the collision.

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Also buttons don’t have collision but if you hide them so maybe you can make a fake button with barrier like this:

turn off the collision for the barrier btw. and don’t mind the button popup.

What @CaptionPuffy was saying was to make the button invisible, with a no-collision prop or barrier on top of it.

@DragonFlagon872 Perhaps, in time, future updates will include additional button adjustments, but for now, you can create a fake button using props or barriers.

I know, but I was saying how to operate it. You can make an invisible button with no collision.

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I think Making them invisible makes it have no collision if that works then just make a barrier to mimic button shape and that would be it

Yea but I think they still want to see them.

you can make them usable but unseen by making them not seen ingame.

Like what caption puffy said, just make it invisible, then remake your own button. maybe use the emoji! copy and paste it here! :red_circle: Then, just add a barrier underneath it, as a circle or rectangle.

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I looked at the buttons settings but didn’t find a option to make the buttons invisible.

its, um, hold on.

maybe just get another button and just disable it

no, its the is button visible in game option.

I never saw that. If I knew that existed i would have used it.

yeah, I used it in my fnaf 1 map, I hid them on the table and did that. The players never knew XD
I took it down for modification though.