How to turn off collision for buttons

please mark a solution if you have one ,':3


If you make a button not visible in game, the collision turns off, but that’s the only way.

Turn off visible in game then put a basketball or similar prop over the button. Turn off collision for the prop.
Please mark a solution if there is one.


Just an idea, but keep the actual button out of bounds so part of the button zone stays inside maybe?

wait, doesn’t it still have collision when it’s invisible?

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No, it doesn’t. The collision stays off when not visible.


Are you sure you’re looking at all the settings? If you click on the tab titled “all options” when making settings for the button, you should find the option to make it invisible. If you really can’t find the option, just use vending machine. I KNOW that they can be set to invisible, as I do that a lot in my maps.