How to track multiple properties?

so im trying to create a scoreboard and i need to merge multiple properties so that whenever one of them changes values that the supposed score property tracks how many times they have changed values and increments @Shdwy @getrithekd might need some help on this one sorry if the ping annoys yall

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You cannot merge several properties together.
Or have all of them track a certain amount of score.
There is only type of scoring, specific amount of item, property (one), and the other ones.

it seems possible with the “and” block or “create text with” block so i dont see why its not possible and im not talking about literally merging properties together

also im planning to track 18 properties with one property and a trigger with some long block code but i cant figure out how to do the block code (idk why u thought it was 7 properties specifically but ok?)

You want to use the and the Get Property blocks repeatedly?

yeh but i know there is a possible way to optimize that block code and i aint giving up till i find out how

You can make a block set the property that scores to all the properties added together.

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oki i’ll try it in a bit im busy rn

Wait, so when one of the properties changes, the leader board number goes up?

Or if you want it to track # of changes made you can make it so when a property changes it broadcasts on a channel, the channel increases a counter which updates the score property. Every one of the 18 properties will broadcast on the same channel


yeah that sounds good thanks!

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