How to track how long you are holding a flag for, and how to let players see where it is (WIP)

Hey guys, as requested by @AAREN, I am going to make a guide on how to do what is up there :arrow_up:. There are 2 parts. Enjoy Gimkitting!

Part 1: Track flag in seconds

There is one flag both teams have to try and take control of 1 flag. We need to track how long the held it for and give them 1 money per second. This is our goal.
You can do this with a counter, that updates a property every second, and when the flag is dropped, it stops the counter.

Part 2: Track flag so players can see

So, there is an easy way. You can use a Waypoint Device.

If you want just one flag

change the flag from team 1 and 2 to just team 3.

Thank you for reading. Please note, this is a work in progress.
Over and out, @ABCD

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How do both teams take control of 1 flag though?

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Just let both teams in the flag circle thing

Looks good! :+1:

I cant do that. It says only one team is allowed

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So, make it on team 3 if you have 2 teams, then both teams will capture the flag.

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