How can I teleport a random player

no it is blocked on my computer

What do I set the relay as?

I have canva but what do u want me to do?

Set the relay to broadcast on random player and make it broadcast a channel which the teleporter will be using.

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Code. But set relay audience to random player

let me test it out one sec pls

It doesn’t work. No one is teleported anywhere

When relayed → teleport player here. Make something activate the relay like a trigger or something and make the relay random person (I think that is an option)

I did but it deson’t work. I hooked it up so it waits 2 seconds but still nothing

Is the picture your system? What is the counter for?

SO, make a group for it. And another teleporter with the same settings.

that is what allows me to make it run after 2 seconds

maybe instead of the counter use a wire repeater with a delay of 2 seconds

Can you re-explain> i couldnt understand

It worked. I will test it a little more and then mark solution for u if it works

Here, I will.

it has to be teleport player to target lol
(with a teleporter randomizer system already, of course)

Simple take something to trigger it, Grab a relay and set it to random player, then connect it all up with wires or channels and make sure the when the relay is triggered that it teleport the player to the target teleporter, Please make sure to mark a solution :slight_smile:

So, here is the new guide:
How to track how long you are holding a flag for, and how to let players see where it is (WIP)

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