How can I teleport a random player

I wanted to teleport 1 random player without switching teams.

I think you could have a relay and it could teleport the player within a certain group.

Let me know if that helps.

can you elaborate a bit?
THis is what i currently hae but it doesnt work.
Screenshot 2023-12-21 10.50.25 AM

How about Canva? It could help for me to do it in the map

no it is blocked on my computer

What do I set the relay as?

I have canva but what do u want me to do?

Set the relay to broadcast on random player and make it broadcast a channel which the teleporter will be using.

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Code. But set relay audience to random player

let me test it out one sec pls

It doesn’t work. No one is teleported anywhere

When relayed → teleport player here. Make something activate the relay like a trigger or something and make the relay random person (I think that is an option)

I did but it deson’t work. I hooked it up so it waits 2 seconds but still nothing

Is the picture your system? What is the counter for?

SO, make a group for it. And another teleporter with the same settings.

that is what allows me to make it run after 2 seconds

maybe instead of the counter use a wire repeater with a delay of 2 seconds

Can you re-explain> i couldnt understand

It worked. I will test it a little more and then mark solution for u if it works