How to swim in GKC platformer, or turn off gravity

First, we need a pool.

Next, we need a barrier. Disable collision, and change the color to

You might want to disable the outline too.
Now copy that barrier. Turn collision back on, and make the new barrier invisible.
In the settings,

Now, copy this barrier a few times and shift it down every time, so we have layers.

Now, we need two triggers.



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Extra note

You can send on channel "activate" whenever you want the pool to start being full of water.

If you never send on channel “activate” however, the pool will stay non-water.


For me, fewer layers is better, since it reduces choppiness and lag. However, sometimes, more layers is better, to simulate how the real world works. I personally would do a layer every gim jump height (single).


The trigger delay time is important! I haven't experimented with them yet, but it seems like longer trigger delay works better.

Proof this works

(yes, you can fall back down by standing still)

Research tag reason: I want to know the best trigger delay and # layers for this.


preety good

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no way that works
thats absolutely craaazy
wow this is so cool espesially for pools

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wow! that is SOOOO COOL!


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This guide is so good. It’s goldentumblr_mit6o1qvif1rfjowdo1_500
I’m reading this guide but I don’t understand how this works, but it clearly does, good job!
This could also be combined with this guide

Imagine the game you could make with these two!

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Oh cool I thought this would work, but I guess someone beat me to it.

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This kinda reminds me of something, I can’t remember it though-

Great guide!


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woah this is crazy.
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This is a REALLY good guide! This would work well in a summer map! o7 see you later.

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This honestly could be used for a lot of Metroidvanias. I like it.

I am sorry for my ignorance, but what is-


  1. Is it some internet sensation, a game, an obscure gimkit thing, a map in discovery, still in the making? (I’m really just having fun with the … boxes, though) ↩︎

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