How to stop a sentry from shooting 🟩

there’s a lot of people asking for this so ill do a short guide on it

all you have to do is get a sentry and put a very small bucket in this exact spot
it works by blocking the sentry’s range point of origin (aka the spot the range originates from) thus it cant see anything and wont attack but can still be attacked
(its :green_square: bc its such a precise spot)(I’ve only tested this on the default sentry not the green or pink plants so the point of origin might be different)

in depth steps of the newer dudes

part 1: the set up

step 1: place a sentry down

step 2: place any bucket down

step 3: shrink the bucket

part 2: the execution

step 4: move the bucket to this spot

step 5: test and slightly edit if it doesn’t work

step 6: once you get it in the right spot congrats you did it!

possible mistakes

miss 1: bucket doesn’t have collision

miss 2: bucket to small and/or in the wrong spot

miss 3: bucket is off on game start

how to make the bucket disappear when the sentry dies

step 1: place two wire relays

step 2: wire the sentry to both of the relays like this
relay sentry
relay ----- :green_circle: when knocked out

bucket relay
:green_circle: hide prop ----- relay

(note this only works if the sentry doesn’t respawn)


a list of uses

  1. killable npc
  2. quest giver
  3. respawning prop
  4. triggerable guards

this might be flagged for being short. (also this isn’t a wiki so only you can edit it.)


how do i make it a wiki

You would have to be TL3.


ok thanks ill remove the edit part and try to make it longer

maybe you could mention some uses of this.

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thanks for the idea @WhereIsMyHat

Nice guide!

Wow, amazing find, samalomlom! Glad to see you up and running again!


I particularly like the ability to make respawning props.

Ah! The sentry started BUMPING me!

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Oh no this guide boooooooompd me!!!

They should put the mini-guide tag. Just saying.

The mini-guide tag only started being used around January. Probably why it’s not there.

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Able to make bucket invis?

this is a nice guide! although there is a simpler way to do it:
use a zone
and turn off “allow gadget fire”

that dosent work anymore they patched that a long time ago :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Will not work for Tower Defense Games and the fact that it was