How to start using Gimkit Creative

This guide is designed to help you begin using Gimkit Creative.

  1. Complete the registration process. If you already have a gimkit account, sign into that account. Otherwise, sign up.
  2. Click on “Gimkit Creative” to enter Gimkit Creative.
  3. OPTIONAL If you have not done the tutorial yet, do it. After doing the tutorial, you will know how to use Gimkit Creative.
  4. Create a new map and enter a name to start building your map.
    When you are done working on your map, feel free to save it or publish it.
    Running out of space? You can delete one of your maps to make room for a new map.

Note: Gimkit Creative may be harder to use on mobile. The only thing that works is the touchscreen “cursor” and you have to get a keyboard to use it on mobile.
This guide was designed to teach the basics of GC.

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A forum tips user made a guide on how to use Gimkit Creative! Yay!

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Nice guide! Could you link some relevant tug to help people out who see this?

A tug was linked to help newbies learn more

They said that because when someone bumps a post although it can only be bumped if it’s a week old.

I made it a wiki post so I could use it to bump later, but someone edited it and added the later parts.

No, that was the link it led to when I highlighted it

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Nice job! My one question: how would users find the forum without finding Creative?


Most likely through google searches since Discourse comes up in google searches.

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Ah. I see.

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