How to Shame a Player that Joined Late | Difficulty: 🟨

This is just absolutely hilarious. I WILL DEFINITELY USE THIS in my new map I’m making. Nice Mini-Guide, @GimNerd22.

Sorry I didn’t see this yet, was on spring break. Love It!


Nice guide, @GimNerd22 !

this guide really just gave me an idea to use it for knockout messages if you seen asylum knock out messages u know what I mean

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Guess who’s here?

Orbit got hit by a Quantum Portal and took his sweet time getting back.


What do you mean, @sir_lancelot? If you are talking about the bumping rule, The Rule’s stupid

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yeah I agree

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Okay? Still no relation. Also we shouldn’t be going off topic :slight_smile:

Pepe the frog, bank robber.

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Hi Gimsolver I seem to have joined late into many new posts here

OMG! @Gimkitsuggestor welcome back! I wondered what happened to you! I actually missed you!!!
@Dark_Hydra, why are all your pfps from blooket?


Uncle Stache want melon?

IDK. Melons

Actually? I just missed him, that sounds like you “miss” other people. Melon.



a problem with this I see.I regretted tranna put this in a map. it was pain. and a problem as it wasn’t just shaming. it WAS ROASTING ME/PEOPLE I HAD TO TAKE IT OUT.