How to Shame a Player that Joined Late | Difficulty: 🟨

So this is a really easy guide to do.

Materials List

1x Lifecycle
1x Notification
1x Wire

First, place down the lifecycle and notification.

Then add a wire from event occurs to run wire pulse block.

Then switch the lifecycle event to player joins late.
Also, make the notification to all players (thanks, @getrithekd)
Create a block in the Notification for on wire pulse with this code (you can customize the text parts).
If you want multiple random messages, use this code instead:

That’s all! Hope you enjoyed!


Its so funny to sometimes call people out( but can be rude) to just tease a bestie, but cool guide!



can you make a randomizer part to it? like a random 1-5 and If it got _ it says a random late thing

Make sure to make the notification send to all players.


That sounds like a great idea for an addition! I’ll make it now!

this is hilarious, lol!

If you’re going to use the in-notification relay, DON’T use a real relay. That will send n notifications to every player, where n is the amount of players in the game.


Nice guide! (also, thanks @Kat_aronii for fixing the thumbnail)

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It won’t work if you use a relay. It would then show th notification with your name.


I’ll have to test this. I don’t believe what you’re saying, but I trust your skill in GKC.


Great guide!

it wont work

how do i make it so that the late player triggers it and it shows everyone the way they were late?

So we broadcast from the relay to all players. The notification’s blocks (player scoped) now believe that the right name is the player that received the broadcast. For each person, the name will be different.

There’s a setting to show for all players.

how do we fix that?

By changing the setting.

to what (sorry im dumb)

The one I talked about earlier.