How to Shame a Player that Joined Late | Difficulty: 🟨

Which is fine and works for some things, until you add in the “all players” option in the notification as well.

I was talking about if you did the relay only. That doesn’t work.

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This is devious! I love it! (If I use it in my next game I will credit you!)

Nice guide!

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would they see it if late j0in spectators were on?


Probably not… I don’t know

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What, this guide is great but why is @Blizzy so wonderful that she is back and everyone is exstatic?

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Yeah it is the dark ages of the forums like the time when there were so many help posts asking for thumbnails
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Please get back on topic, This is supposed to be a guide, not a welcome back party.

This is possibly the best guide I’ve read so far :rofl:

I concatenated the randomizer part and made it scalable to larger amounts.
(reduced 24 blocks to 20 blocks)

I “filled” the smaller texts to 33 characters using spaces in order to prevent indexing issues.

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By the way guys, make sure to add a space before typing, or the first word will mesh together with the name.

For example:
(space) missed the bus

Without the space, it would look like this:
Playermissed the bus.

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Thank you for this, it’s kind of hard to see the space!

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I like your system, but it might be a little complicated for beginners in block code

Thank you!