How to Score by "Time Survived"

So, I’m trying to make a battle royal game where you’re scored on the time you survived. It’s really confusing! IF it’s possible, pease tell me how! Another idea is that when someone dies it gives all the surviving players a property or “life token”, thus sorting the players by the amount of deaths they managed to avoid. Or you know anyone who know how to use the “blocks” feature really well, pease help! :grin: :fox_face: :grin:

There are multiple guides in this, please search before posting.

Oh! Sorry! I could only find stuff on how to simply MAKE a clock, which I already knew how to do.

Ummm no offense but @Green_Fox98 just started… isn’t it kind of ironic to say that to a new user?

But there still is a search function, there is on most websites

Thanks! I LOVE Gimkit, and have made a few maps myself, but I wasn’t able to enter Documentary until now! And you’re right phoque, I just found a set of instructions on how to do it. Wish me luck!

Try this guide. Make an Overlay Timer Like Snowy Survival! Difficulty 1/10 or 🟦

For the life token, make it so when player dies, relay it to everyone besides the dead player, and then just make another game overlay for how many deaths you avoided. Make it change every time when a death happens. will involve block code.

Ah alas didn’t think of that… I’ve been outfoxed…

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