How to revive a spectator

Is it possible once someone is spectating, to bring them back. I tried like a teleporter or smthng but it didnt work. I need this for my dodgeball.

Nope you can’t, just make the knocked out player go to a waiting room or something.

I know that you just teleport them back to be revived in a waiting room but how do you know if everyone is out then

Maybe use a relay that relays to all players and connect that to a team switcher?

No you can’t revive a specator. Now please mark a solution.

A counter

how do you know how many people are there

watch them give me the live player count guide

:) How to make a LIVE player counter 🟨

* gives live player count guide *

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Did my other suggestion work?

Rusty you can’t revive a specator. Once they are a specator they are a specator for the rest of the game.