How to respawn player when tagged in a specific location

I wanted to make a jail for capture the flag, so I want a player to respawn in a specific place when tagged. how do I do that

Just switch their team and put a spawn pad where ever you want. Set the spawn pad to the specified team, then switch the team back whenever you want

I set the switcher to team 3, and then wired it so that when player gets tagged, it switches to team 3. I put ONE spawn tag with team 3, but I’m not spawning there when tagged. How should I do this

I gtg I will be back in a few hours

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that doesn’t really help

Make the tag thingy zone when player ragged teleport player here with a teleporter.

Just activate a checkpoint using a relay to all players once the game starts (lifecycle). Checkpoints are like spawn pads except activated later in the game (by collision or channel/wire)