How to Organize Your Devices

Once you get the general gist of using devices in Gimkit Creative, you’ll find that your map might become very messy. Whether there are wires everywhere or you can’t troubleshoot since you don’t know where a certain device is, having a messy map can be very frustrating. This short guide will offer tips for having a more organized map.

1: Keep Your Devices in One Place
It can be annoying having to run to the opposite side of the map in order to fix another device. This is a solution to that. Now, when you need to check another device, all you have to do is walk a few steps.

2: Group Devices That Are Apart of a Mechanic Together
Following up on number one, your devices are in one place but now there’s a little problem. You just can’t find this one trigger through all the other triggers burying it. Well, there’s a simple solution. Group the triggers that are used for the block code in one area and the triggers used for a time delay in another area. You can even use text that isn’t active when the game starts to label the groups!

3: Label Individual Devices
Did you know you can rename devices? All you have to do is open the device’s editing menu and click on its name at the top left. It’s that simple! This trick is especially useful if you have multiple triggers for block code. Now, you don’t have to look at the blocks to differentiate each trigger!

Welp, that’s all. I hope these simple tips are useful to you!

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Great guide, this is very useful!

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Good ideas! I should use more text…

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I just use text objects for block code, they have the ability to display what their doing too


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ps. kyro said it sucks and i didn’t know you could rename it thanks for telling me

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This is great! I mostly put devices out of walls so they don’t become messy/ put lifecycles with other ones and so on.

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I already did #2, but I didn’t know you could rename devices! I will like this in 22 hours (when I get more)


as a creative expert, i did not know you could rename devices. Okay @Blackhole927 is more better experty then me, but who cares

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Wait you can rename devices?



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